Bullying and Harassment

by Andrew Wood

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A lack of assertiveness can sometimes create a feeling that you are being harassed and even open you up to receiving this type of behaviour. This topic will provide useful advice on how to be more assertive. This includes

  • Knowing your rights
  • Practical approaches to assertiveness
  • Learning how to say ‘no’.

Conflict Resolution

Harassment situations can sometimes feel like a minefield in which it’s hard to know what to do for the best. This section will give you practical advice on dealing with conflict.


Disabled people can often become the victims of discrimination and harassment. This topic provides advice on ensuring that people with disabilities are not made to feel harassed in your organisation as well as providing practical advice on making reasonable adjustments.

Discipline and Grievance

This topic will provide best practice advice on this process. Harassment is commonly dealt with under the discipline and grievance regulations, so this section provides invaluable advice.


Understanding diversity is critical in fostering an environment of acceptance and consistence. This topic will support the advice on harassment and bullying.


Bully in sight – how to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying

Tim Field, published by Success Unlimited in 1996, 384 pages

Widely regarded as the authoritative source of information on the topic of bullying, this book is a must-read for those wishing to understand the practicalities of dealing with and ensuring against workplace bullying.

Harassment, bullying and violence at work

Angela Ishmael with Bunmi Alemoru, published by The Industrial Society in 1999, 384 pages

This volume takes an in-depth look at a variety of forms of harassment which occur in the workplace. It explores the impact of harassment on the organisation and the individuals concerned. It suggests reasons why people harass, and shows how to create an environment where harassment and bullying cannot thrive. Using case histories and examples, the book covers a wide range of key issues, including forms of harassment, the victim’s perspective, organisational culture, the cost/tribunals, and prevention and education.

Fighting back: how to fight bullying in the workplace

David Graves, published by McGraw-Hill Professional in 2002, 144 pages

This is a hard-hitting, authoritative guide to combating bullying in the work place. Taking a simple, straightforward approach, this book looks at how to recognise a bully, how to protect yourself, how to gather evidence, and the steps to take to make an immediate and lasting difference.


The Commission for Racial Equality (tackling racial discrimination and promoting racial equality), Disability Rights Commission (providing information and advice to disabled people and employers about their rights and duties), and the Equal Opportunities Commission (working to eliminate sex discrimination) have now all been replaced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


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