Change - Strategic Facilitation

by Tony Mann

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Facilitation – an art, science, skill or all three?

Tony Mann, published by RP Publishing, 2009 (revised 2014), 185 pages

This book provides the theory and core principles of facilitation. It explains the art, science and skill of facilitation and gives a good basis for understanding facilitation. This background helps any manager to facilitate and to take responsibility for ‘process’.

Facilitation – models, tools and techniques for effective group working

Tony Mann, published by RP Publishing, 2009 (revised 2014) 191 pages

This manual contains 41 models, tools and techniques for use by the strategic facilitator. The manual explains their purpose and when to use them, and gives a step by step guide on how to apply each one. This is probably the most comprehensive manual on facilitation that you will find.

Both the book and manual are also available in Kindle format.


A wide range of resources for strategic facilitators can be found at: Resource Productions

Courses and qualifications in facilitation are available through APMG


You can also contact the author directly: Tony Mann