by Kate Russell

Do you really need to recruit?

When someone resigns or retires or leaves a post for some other reason, it’s a good opportunity to assess whether the vacancy still serves a purpose.

  • Was the previous person fully occupied?
  • Is this an ideal chance to reorganise job roles?
  • Is it the right time to promote somebody into the vacant position?
  • Will anyone be needed in this post in the future; does it fit in with future plans?
  • Could the job be split and allocated to present employees without overloading them?
  • Was the job the previous person doing really necessary?
  • Is it right to keep the tasks the previous employee was doing as one person’s job?
  • Were you getting value for money out of someone doing that job?

If, after a good look at the job, you decide you do need to recruit, the next stage is to define what you are looking for by formulating a job description and a person specification.