Employee engagement

by Hayley Oats and Vandy Massey


Employers want engaged employees because they deliver improved business performance. CIPD research repeatedly demonstrates the links between the way people are managed, employee attitudes and business performance.

When employers deliver on their commitments and what they do meets employees’ expectations, the employees’ sense of fairness and trust in the organisation is reinforced. This in turn facilitates the release of employee discretionary effort – ‘going the extra mile’.

The role of line managers in creating conditions in which employees will offer ‘discretionary behaviour’ is integral to employee engagement. It should be noted that employees have choices and can decide what level of engagement to offer the employer.

Engaged employees will help promote the organisation and protect the employer from the risks associated with poor service levels or product quality. Similarly, a strong employer reputation will help in attracting and retaining employees.

Employers want employees who will do their best work, or ‘go the extra mile’. Employees want good work: jobs that are worthwhile and turn them on. More and more organisations are looking for a win-win solution that meets their needs and those of their employees. What they increasingly say they are looking for is an engaged workforce.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)