Cindy Wigglesworth

About the author

As founder and owner of Conscious Pursuits, Inc, Cindy Wigglesworth bridges a solid business background with her passionate beliefs about the importance of integrating our spiritual and work lives. Her prior work experience includes 20+ years in human resources management for ExxonMobil Corporation, performing in all the traditional areas of HR.

Cindy’s spiritual foundation comes from a lifetime study of philosophy, psychology, religion and related sciences. Her latest studies have included Jungian Psychology, the science of consciousness, quantum physics and the major world religions. With a personal library of over 800 books, she can always be found with a book nearby and educational audiotapes in the car!

She has gained a reputation as an expert in the field of ‘spirit at work’ and speaks regularly on the subject, most recently at the 2003 Spirit in Business Conference and the 2003 Business and Consciousness Conference. Cindy is Chair of the Selection Committee for the 2003 Willis Harman Spirit at Work Awards and is a member of the Association for Spirit at Work ( ). She is also a founding member of Spirit in Business.

Cindy holds dual Bachelors of Art in English and Education (magna cum laude) and a Masters of Art in Political Science (3.8 GPA) from Duke University.

She has two TEDx talks on Spiritual Intelligence, in California, and in New York.

Some recent clients

  • The Methodist Hospital
  • Memorial Hermann Health Care – Spiritual Leadership Institute
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center


Co-authored (as Cynthia S Graves) with Larry Stockman

For every child who’s a successfully independent young adult, there’s another who can’t quite get it together. This book provides a nonjudgmental and highly effective approach to dealing with children who won’t grow up.


Areas of expertise

  • Organisational design, effectiveness and workforce/culture issues
  • Executive coaching and performance improvement
  • Training development and delivery and global training strategy