Topics: Dyslexia

Andrew Bendefy

About the author

Andrew is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP and Health Practitioner, Coach and Group Dynamics Master. His organisation, Invest Inside Yourself, supports individuals, schools and organisations in uncovering and achieving their answers.

In the corporate consultancy and training side of the business, Invest Inside Yourself works on all aspects of the client’s ‘universe’. They enable collaborative and integrated, congruent and ongoing change.

Prior to setting up this company Andrew was the European Solutions Business Manager for the Xerox Corporation, and started his career climbing to be a Retail Buyer for the John Lewis Partnership.

For private adult and child clients, Andrew’s qualifications enable clients to create solutions and move forwards. This includes health work – weight management, stress and anxiety, lifting depression, alleviating allergies, coping with bereavement, improving relationships, letting go of phobias, building confidence and improving and overcoming symptoms to elicit lasting change.

With Seeing Spells Achieving he is passionate to minimise learning challenges and literacy difficulties that are linked to visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills. For both adults and children, he helps them to understand the value of visualisation for spelling, reading, mental arithmetic, art, foreign languages and comprehension and the impact on confidence and future opportunities. He has worked with countless individuals, trained teachers and business managers and is a published author of the book Seeing Spells Achieving.

For managers what better gift can be given to their employees who have literacy difficulties? One which will benefit them not just in work but in so many other areas of their lives; to improve their experience and reach their potential.


  • Seeing Spells Achieving takes you through a series of simple logical steps which build on each other to enable you or your children to visualise your way to success, developing skills you already possess.


Areas of expertise

  • Health and wellness coaching.
  • Corporate coaching and individual coaching.
  • Group mastery and ‘Train the trainer’.
  • Reducing learning difficulties, enabling people to reach their potential
  • Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis.