Employee engagement

by Hayley Oats and Vandy Massey

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There are many facets to employee engagement, understanding how to motivate yourself and your team will provide you with more tools to ensure you are effective.

Listening Skills

Ensuring that you listen and hear the messages from your team can ensure that you enabling them to provide you with valuable feedback and is an integral part of employee engagement.


Empowering your team to make decisions and be in control of their work, goes a long way towards engaging them. Empowered staff feel trusted and better equipped to deliver. Don’t miss this topic!

Psychological Contract

Both employees and companies make many implicit assumptions about the nature of their relationship, and this has a considerable knock on effect on the levels of employee engagement.

Spiritual Intelligence

Look at the sections on leadership in this topic and notice how "spiritual intelligence" is a key component of leading an engaged workforce.


The truth about getting the best from people

Martha I Finney, published by Pearson Education Limited (UK) 2008, 199 pages

This book provides practical tips and advice in bite size chunks for managing your team and maximising their performance and your own as a manager. Written in an easy manner, it’s broken into small chapters that are not only quick and easy to read, but will also deliver real results if applied. The advice is blunt, honest and concise but, above all, helpful.





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