Personal Energy

by Stuart Harris

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The power of full engagement: managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance and personal renewal

Jim Loehr and Tony Schwarz, published by Free Press, reprint in 2004, 256 pages

The authors offer a lot of common sense and solid advice in an easily read book. They include many time honoured techniques for mental and spiritual growth with a focus on how you use your energy and how you need to recharge your batteries.

Energy medicine, the scientific basis

James L Oschman, published by Churchill Livingstone in 2000, 273 pages

There is growing interest world wide in the field of mind-body medicine and the effect which the natural ‘energy forces’ within the body play in the maintenance of normal health and wellbeing. This in turn has led to interest in how these energies or forces may be channelled to assist in healing and restoration to health. This book, written by a well known scientist with a degree in biophysics and a PhD in biology, brings together for the first time evidence from a wide range of disciplines which is beginning to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies.

The field

Lynne McTaggart, published by Harper Collins in 2003, 354 pages

The energy found in the vacuum – or the zero point field – seems to be the key to all sorts of unexplained phenomena: ESP or remote viewing, homeopathy, energy medicine, spiritual healing, and even the homing instincts of animals. Lynne McTaggart follows the life and work of disparate physicists, pioneers in the area where the paranormal meets quantum physics.

Calm energy: how people regulate mood with food and exercise

Robert E Thayer, published by Oxford University Press Inc, USA in May 2003, 275 pages

Many people have problems with emotional eating, and this book goes into this in detail. It includes serious researches done at different universities, but it is written in a very clear way for the non-scientifically minded. The book will probably make you reflect a lot about your energies and your eating.


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