Telephone Skills

by Babs Moore

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The telephone skills pocket book

Mary Richards, published by Management Pocketbooks, 1997, 112 pages.

This is a light read with well thought out bullet points that neatly summarises the different aspects of using the telephone as a business tool and uses humour well. Key sections include ‘You as a Communicator’, ‘You as the Caller’s Contact’ and ‘You as the Caller’, it also contains information on being a telephone ‘super user’ for those who want to take control of the telephone instead of the telephone controlling them.

Telephone skills

Patrick Forsyth, published by CIPD, new edition in 2007, 96 pages.

A more traditionally written book which covers all the key aspects of business telephone usage and provides templates for taking messages and handling complaints. It sets out simple principles and techniques to enhance communication skills via the telephone.


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