Creative Thinking

by Jayne Cormie

Creative Thinking

This topic on creative thinking has three key objectives:

  1. To help you to discover your personal creative ‘hot buttons’ by identifying your thinking style and understanding which thinking tools will activate your brain to think more creatively
  2. To teach you a structured process for generating, evaluating and selecting new ideas and solving problems
  3. To coach you on how to use five of the world’s best thinking tools, which will unleash your personal creativity enabling you to create new ideas on demand.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

You will also learn how to brainstorm effectively, on your own and in groups, in order to generate ideas quickly and easily.

The topic is designed to be highly interactive and engaging and, to this end, includes a survey for you to complete to identify your thinking style and a fun creativity test which will really get you thinking!

Have fun and happy thinking!


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