Communicating Well As a Group

by Siobhan Soraghan

Quick group assessment tool

‘Hard’ processes are not specifically dialogue requirements, but are useful basic protocols for group effectiveness and a good foundation to have if the group meets regularly and has accountability for reporting to a higher authority.

How do the groups you participate in fare?

Do you have... Your comments
Agendas, minutes  
Objective setting  
Decision making (options, proposals, minutes agendas)  
Inviting of new ideas  
Building on existing ideas  
Ways of establishing priorities  
Review mechanisms  
A process for reviewing progress  
Negotiating procedures  
Chairmanship conventions  
Monitoring arrangements  

‘Soft’ processes are the behaviours of more mature teams that have the potential to engage in dialogue effectively. How do your groups fare?

Does everyone… Your comments
Express feelings openly  
Work through conflict as it arises  
Delay until consensus is reached  
Value colleagues as people  
Spend time on group development  
Acknowledge inadequacy  
Build trust  
Risk exposing feelings as well as thoughts  
Surface beliefs and assumptions  
Claim leadership of the team occasionally