by Paul Matthews

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Goal Setting

Since so much of motivation is about being motivated to do or achieve something, it makes sense that we set good goals to get motivated about. If the goals are not right, getting motivated is next to impossible.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to be motivated is part of the skill of Emotional Intelligence


When motivating others, you will often be working within the framework of delegation


People who feel empowered, often feel motivated to do what they are empowered to do.


A core skill in motivating others is providing feedback in an effective manner.


100 ways to motivate yourself: change your life forever

Steve Chandler, published by Career Press, 2004, 223 pages

Finally, a good motivational book that replaces the old-style hype with down-to-earth, practical ideas. This book is easy to read, whether you are very busy or just too discouraged to tackle a whole book. You can open the book at any place, whenever you have a moment, and in less than five minutes you’ll get a quick, instant burst of encouragement.

The author also co-wrote a book titled 100 Ways to Motivate Others

Change your life in seven days

Paul McKenna, published by Bantam Press, 2003, 256 pages

This book is not so much about motivation as about success. But after all, that is what most people are looking for when they say they need to be motivated. The book includes a CD with a hypnotic induction that many people say has worked wonders if used every day for a week or so.

Bringing out the best in people: how to apply the astonishing power of positive reinforcement

Aubrey C Daniels, published by McGraw-Hill Professional, 2000, 245 pages

This is a classic book on performance management that has recently been updated and thoroughly covers the concepts of reward and recognition amongst others.


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