Event Management

by Rus Slater

Organise your thoughts...

There are many different aspects involved in managing an event, not all of which may apply to you. It is critical, even for a small event, that you organise your thoughts and tackle things in a logical sequence. This will greatly enhance your chances of success and the plaudits you will receive when the event goes smoothly and achieves its aims.

You will need to think about things in the following order:

  1. Before you start – is this an event?
  2. Do research to gather information and options in areas such as
  1. Define the event objective
  • Do you have an appropriate objective?
  • Is there more than one objective?
  1. Get people in place
  • Who has initiated the project
  • Who is going to champion it at higher levels?
  • Who accepts or rejects the end result?
  1. Create event or project team
  2. Develop the Event initiation document
  3. Assess any risks
  • What factors could jeopardise the success of the event?
  1. Create a Task list
  • What tasks need to be completed?
  • Who does them?
  • What resources are needed?
  • How long will each take?
  • What dependencies are there between tasks?
  1. Schedule the tasks
  • Can we avoid resource clashes?
  • Can we identify potential bottlenecks?
  1. Deliver
  • Motivate those involved
  • Check progress against the plan
  • Manage the inevitable changes to the plan
  • Keep communicating
  • Recognise and appreciate the people involved
  1. Evaluate the event and celebrate your success
  2. Learn from what transpired

Also see the topic on Meetings as this has checklists that would be useful for smaller events such as an away day for a team.