Ian Robinson

About the author

Ian is Director of IWR Associates which consists of ex-senior law enforcement and customs officers with a broad range of extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with drug and alcohol issues, all of whom are fully qualified and have been delivering drug awareness training for many years.

IWR Associates can provide a range of services to assist companies and organisations to tackle the issue of Drugs and Alcohol in the workplace ranging from risk assessments to policy development and drug testing.

Some recent clients

  • The Home Office
  • Department of Education and Skills (DfES)
  • Milton Keynes Borough Council
  • The Government Office of the South East
  • Caerphilly Borough Council
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • The Dubai Police (UN Drugs and Crime Office)
  • Polish Border Guards (EU funded)
  • RFK (Drug Swallowing Prevention) Nls


Contact details

Areas of expertise

  • Risk Assessment
  • Policy development
  • Implementation training
  • Crisis management
  • Awareness training
  • Counselling and treatment
  • Searching company premises
  • Provision of drug testing staff