Personal Energy

by Stuart Harris

People are their energy

Whatever business you’re in, you’re managing people, even if the ‘people’ is only yourself. Managing people means dealing with their energies, whether on an individual, team, department or corporate level, and ultimately on a national level.

Isn’t that all a bit too touchy-feely?

It definitely is, especially if you’re a robot or a Vulcan. On the other hand, most human beings love to get connected with certain energies, such as the huge buzz of excitement at a sporting event or concert, the fun of a party, the warmth of family and friends, the sensual tension of being with a significant other and the relaxation of quiet time alone.

Words such as atmosphere, mood, vibe and feel are commonly used to describe the impressions that we get from people and places. You perhaps use these or maybe you have other preferences. Either way, you’ve certainly heard other people use them. Not everybody necessarily thinks of them in terms of energies, but that’s precisely what they all refer to – the energies that we pick up from ourselves and from others.

The fact is that you’re dealing with people energy every moment of every day.

For example, if you are trying to motivate yourself or others, what are you attempting to do? You are trying to raise energy levels in order to make something happen.

If you’re aiming to influence people, to win hearts and minds, you’re trying to make a connection between you and them. This connection is not like a piece of string or wire; it’s not a tangible connection, but a connection of ideas and feelings – a connection of energies.

In Human Resources, if you are negotiating a package, on the surface it may look like money and benefits, but if you take a bird’s eye view, what you are actually doing is creating the conditions in which energies can be released and channelled for mutual benefit.

Just think of the difference between individuals, teams and organisations which are dynamic and those that aren’t. What’s the crucial difference? Ultimately it comes down to a simple issue: in the dynamic one, the energy is flowing freely, while in the other it is not.

We’ve all experienced situations where everything was flowing smoothly, things seemed to be happening just right and there was a real buzz in the air. Was that just a matter of chance or is it something that can be cultivated?

Key tip

Once you see people and their interactions in terms of the flow of energy, then with the right tools you can start deliberately to create the flows that create buzz.

If you want to succeed in whatever you’re doing without wearing yourself out in the process, the first step is becoming aware, and bearing three questions in mind:

  1. What energy/energies is/are around in this situation?
  2. Is the energy flowing as well as it could?
  3. How well are the energies balanced?