Intuition in Business

by Angela O’Connell and Pat Naylor

Measuring intuition

Some people are considered more intuitive than others. We believe that everyone is intuitive, but some people are happier to trust their intuition and to follow it.

Intuition itself cannot yet be measured, but we can measure a tendency towards being intuitive and trusting our intuition, so we have developed a set of questions that you can use to determine how likely you are to trust your intuition.

You can also use this questionnaire to work out how intuitive you think another person might be.


First, measure your intuition with this Questionnaire...

Now add up your scores.

This self-test will help you assess how intuitive and creative you are.

The lowest score is 0 and the highest score is 45.

If you scored:

0 – 10 You probably do not use your intuition very much and can spend a lot of time working through issues methodically only to find that others get to a solution more quickly. By developing your intuition, you could save yourself some valuable time and hard work!

11 – 25 You probably listen to your intuition only in certain circumstances and could be unsure how to explain your intuitive ideas. Once you have a better understanding about how your intuition works, you will be able to use your intuition more and explain your ideas convincingly to others.

26 – 39 You probably already achieve good results using your intuition at times, but have a sneaky feeling there is more to it. There certainly is and, given a little more understanding about how your intuition works, you could trust and rely on it more.

40 – 45 You are probably very comfortable using your intuition and others come to you for help and insights. By understanding more about how intuition works, you will be able to help others recognise and trust their intuition.