Psychological Health at Work

by Dr Christopher C Ridgeway

Psychological Health at Work

Media information and work experience will have made managers aware that psychological ill health will manifest itself in work-based behavioural problems. This topic seeks to provide basic information which will allow you to be aware of why psychological distress and illness occur, what are the chief types of distress, how medical and psychological professionals will diagnose and characterise these illnesses, and how managers can most effectively and efficiently identify psychological ill health and then manage it.

It is not meant to develop managers into mental health professionals, but to enable them to successfully manage an increasing problem with the help of the most appropriate professionals and effective practices, processes and procedures.


The Health and Safety mantra runs ‘safety is everybody’s business’. It is equally true that ‘psychological health is everybody’s business’ – and particularly that of the person’s manager.


Your organisation may have its own policies that relate to this topic. You should always check these policies before taking any action that could carry personal or organisational liabilities, and seek qualified advice if there is an apparent conflict between your organisation’s policies and the content of this topic.

This is the UK version of Alchemy Performance Assistant (or Alchemy for Managers) and the references to laws and statutes relate to the United Kingdom.


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