Change - Strategic Facilitation

by Tony Mann

SCA and analysing organisational issues

The Process Iceberg® Organisation model is also used when an ‘issue’ emerges that is related to levels of the Process Iceberg®. This may occur when the strategic facilitator is using the SCA (symptom, cause, action) tool or when the organisation is examining a problem and someone says something, for example, like: ‘Well you aren’t going to fix that unless we revise the process.’ Any comment that highlights that the problem is in the RSAKs, systems, high-level processes or the strategic focus/values should lead the strategic facilitator to propose using the Process Iceberg® as a diagnostic model.

How to use the model

The strategic facilitator should decide which format to use and encourage the organisation to identify the negative emotions/issues and then work back up through the levels of the Process Iceberg® until the organisation has found the most appropriate place to take action.




The organisation might be tempted to tackle the issue at a lower level than is necessary. This could happen for ‘political’ reasons or because of the potential disruption to the business of taking action at, say, the high-level processes level. The organisation must make the decision; the role of the strategic facilitator is to encourage debate to help people make the right choice.