Goal Setting

by Arielle Essex

Choosing which goals to go for

Once you have your list of truly big goals from Goal brainstorming, you need to prioritise them in order to choose which ones to focus on. Ideally, you want to end up with a manageable number of key goals. Perhaps you’ve collected many goals, and realise there isn’t enough time to focus on them all. How do you decide which ones to prioritise?

It is recommended that you aim to have no more than 10 goals as your main focus. You can use the wheel to help find these.

Life balance wheel

In order to maintain balance in your life, you may want to be sure from the start that you are addressing all aspects of your life. There may be key areas that you choose to focus on over the next year, but it’s likely that you’ll have a few goals for each area. Of course, you may have different values to satisfy in each area, but overall your highest purpose can act as a guiding principle co-ordinating the wheel.

Draw a circle and divide it into segments, or use the template here. Label each segment to represent the most important areas of your life (you can choose your own labels). Then intuitively score each area 0 – 10 for how fulfilled you feel and draw a line across that segment to represent your level of achievement. Colour in the segments for a more dramatic effect. You’ll see at a glance which areas need some attention.

Here’s a sample:

  1. Choose the area you most want to focus on and ask yourself:
  • How have circumstances changed in this particular area?
  • What are the most valuable changes I have made in that area?
  • What inspired those changes and what helped me to make them?
  • What changes would I like to make in each area?
  • How could these add insight to what I want to do next?
  1. Compare this to an area that scores the highest and ask the same questions.
  2. How can you transfer the lessons and methods of the high scoring area to the low scoring one? What action does this encourage you to take?
  3. What goals are most important for each area?
  4. Now let your imagination fly. Throw caution to the wind and dream about life in each of these areas as you would really like it. What other goals does this conjure up? You may wish to re-assess your goals.
  5. Write each of your top ten goals on an index card.

Now that you have chosen some goals to set, look at Setting goals.