by Len Horridge


Relaxation is much more about aiding recall than assisting encoding. We all have that experience of knowing that we know something, but cannot quite bring it to conscious awareness: the ‘tip of the tongue’ syndrome.

Have you noticed that often, some time later when we have let go of the need to remember it, the information just pops up into our minds?

If you try too hard at anything, it often gets in the way of top performance. On the other hand, if you get away from a problem and let your mind wander, you may find you come up with an answer. The same technique can be used to help you to remember: by getting into a relaxed state you may be able to access the area you want to recall. We all have different ways of relaxing, you will know what is best for you!

Relaxing could just mean relaxing with regard to the issue you are trying to remember – perhaps getting really involved in some other activity, even a really physical one. For some, this is simply walking around. There is something to be said for the adage about thinking better on your feet!