Employment Contracts

by Kate Russell

Employment Contracts

This topic will help you to manage your employees and workers effectively and lawfully. It sets out the legal requirements, best practice and some useful hints and tips. It draws your attention to some of the common pitfalls and guides you past them.

Getting it wrong can mean that you end up in court. For example, if you fail to provide an employee with a set of written terms of employment, the employee can complain to tribunal. The tribunal will award minimum compensation of two week’s pay (based on the statutory cap used in redundancy at that time) and may increase it to four weeks if it considers it just and equitable to do so.


Your organisation may have its own policies that relate to this topic. You should always check these policies before taking any action that could carry personal or organisational liabilities, and seek qualified advice if there is an apparent conflict between your organisation’s policies and the content of this topic.

This is the UK version of Alchemy Assistant and the references to laws and statutes relate to the United Kingdom.


Note: Throughout this topic ‘he’ and ‘him’ is intended to include both male and female employees and workers.

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