Personal Brand

by Dawn Bentley

Should everyone have a personal brand?

Whether we like it or not, each of us has a brand. The question is whether yours is what you want it to be. We are endlessly engaged in situations at work and in our personal life where we are ‘on parade’ and every day we have encounters that contribute to the way people see us. One encounter may not shape an opinion; however, the cumulative effect or two or three certainly will. The telephone call you have just taken, the call you are about to make, a parent/teacher evening or a party you are attending – each of these represents an opportunity to present yourself and therefore your brand, telling the person or people involved who you are.

The painful truth is that, at work, we’re on trial all the time.

Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity Life’s a Pitch

We all need to understand that everyone uses their instincts to make immediate judgements on meeting people. Being aware of this gives you the opportunity to make that initial meeting work for you and create the impact you want by consciously managing people’s perceptions of you. Your audience is taking a snapshot of who you are, so why not make the optimum use of each of these situations and understand and promote who you are consistently.

Be clear about your brand and stand out from the crowd, creating a more powerful and authentic first impression.

Developing clarity around your personal brand, however, is not a task that should be taken lightly. It requires you to have the ability to look at yourself openly and honestly. Not everyone is ready or willing to do this.