by Anne Laing and Tim Bean


If you’re like many businesspeople, you’re convinced that if you work hard enough and long enough, you’ll reach the top of your profession.

But unless you’re looking after your health and wellbeing, your punishing workload and all those long, long hours at work are going to take a toll on you well before you reach your destination.

You’ll discover as you read through the tips in this topic, your physical state has a huge impact on your job performance. When the stakes are high, it is the strongest and healthiest body that will hold out to the end. The longest-lasting, top performers in business make time to have the best health.


Human beings are hard-wired to pay attention to first impressions. How a physique presents itself does count!

If you’re overweight, tired, stressed, chronically ill or out of shape, it’s not genetics; it’s not your job; it’s you!

You have to own the problem: get out of the passenger seat and into the driving seat of your own body vehicle. Don’t leave your physicality to fate!

Take action now by reading this topic and putting at least some of the tips into practice!

Here’s to your health, wealth and vitality!


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