Decision Making

by Ian Moore

Combining techniques

Remember that ‘all strengths are weaknesses and all weaknesses are strengths’. When you become comfortable with a technique, there are real opportunities for trying others in combination with it. For example, if SWOT works well for you, try using the ‘pros and cons’ technique to elaborate on the items in your SWOT table. And/or you could try using PEST to add different perspectives to your SWOT.

If you are used to using cost benefit analyses, then try using decision trees to improve the percentage likelihoods of outcomes. You might also try using PMI to add ‘interesting’ elements to your analyses.

Some techniques, such as SWOT, are naturally more aligned with product and service development, but SWOT can be used in many other situations with excellent results. Similarly, other techniques not associated with products and services may help in this area. Other techniques apply naturally to other situations, but all techniques should have value for any type of decision making.

Taken individually, each technique will improve your decision making. Once you are used to all the techniques, combining them will improve your decision-making dramatically.