by Phil Manington

How to get started

The key to successful delegating is to start gradually. This applies whether you are new to delegating or you have a new member of staff. Both you and the person you are delegating to need to be confident that they can deliver a successful result. Below are some key factors for you to take into account.

  • Assess your work – what do you need to do that one of your team could do?
  • Assess members of your team – who is capable of what?
  • Delegate appropriate tasks to individuals. Aim to give them something that they can do but which will also stretch them a little.
  • Make sure they get what they need to complete the task successfully. Initially, this will almost certainly mean making yourself available, which will take extra time. However, this investment will be paid back many times over.
  • Strike a balance between keeping an eye on things from a distance and hovering over someone, watching their every move.
  • If you are discussing progress, resist taking over decisions that you feel the person is capable of making themselves.

Finally, think about taking a coaching course – coaching focuses on helping people to analyse and address their own problems, rather than providing them with solutions and will help you develop your people so that you can delegate more and more.

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