by Peter Parkes

Review and hand-over

If you have followed the process, then you started out with agreed expectations (in other words, business outcomes and success criteria) against which you can review success.

Have you just got the result only, or have you improved your own capability through skills and knowledge transfer? A report is better than nothing, but working together helps to affect the transfer and also builds trust for future engagements.

Ensure that the consultant is put in the position of proving that he has delivered against the specification. It is then your job to check his evidence against the overall successful outcome criteria that were in the Statement of Work.

Key point

Say thank you to the whole of the team, doing so in person, not by email.

It also helps to establish you as a leader rather than a manager.

If you have been clear with your requirements, selected the right consultant and maintained communications through execution, then this should be an opportunity to celebrate success rather than conduct a witch hunt, so do this explicitly.

Staying still is moving backwards against the competition. What did you learn? Can you embed it in your personal or corporate processes or knowledge base? Reports on lessons learned have a place.

If the engagement worked for you, give the consultant a reference and help the next guy to make the right buying choice. If it didn’t, then hopefully you aligned their benefits with yours in the contract, so they will be financially motivated to listen better and work smarter next time.