Event Management

by Rus Slater

Event initiation document

An event initiation document (EID) is a simple document, but a very valuable one.

It consists of

  • The names of the sponsor or board
  • The name of the event manager
  • The names of the event team
  • Contact information for all the above
  • The justification or business case
  • The event’s objective, goal or mission in full.

It is valuable because

  • It tells anyone joining the team or looking at the event who is who, and who does what
  • It clearly spells out the reason for holding the event – the justification/business case – to anyone challenging it
  • It focuses the mind on the objective (and, by putting the justification and the objective on the same page, it should make clear the link through which the getting of one is reliant on completing the other).

In the case of an event manager who is working directly for a sponsor outside the organisation, the EID may actually be the contract-for-service, in which case it may well include a lot of other relevant commercial information, such as what the sponsor is providing. Equally, if you are working with a partner on a joint event, the EID should set out the expectations of both parties.