Vision and Mission

by Rus Slater

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Communicating Change

Vision tends to be about change so this topic may help in communicating the change vision to the organisation

Creative Thinking

Particularly when you are creating your vision you will need to think outside the box!

Goal Setting

This topic looks at goal setting in general and includes a section on Personal Missions

Personal Brand

This topic looks at the whys and wherefores of establishing your personal brand, including your personal vision and mission statements.


Corporate statements: the official missions, goals, principles and philosophies of over 900 companies

Paul G Haschak , published by McFarland & Co Inc (1998) 328 pages.

A weighty tome and not cheap, but full of examples to mull over and analyse

Mission statement book: 301 corporate mission statements from America’s top companies

Jeffrey Abrahams, published by Ten Speed Press (2005), 486 pages.

This book offers a selection of over 300 mission statements and provides detailed advice on how to craft one to suit the needs of your organisation

Built to last: successful habits of visionary companies

James C Collins and Jerry I Porras, published by Random House Business Books (2005), 342 pages.

Presenting insight into such companies as 3M, Walt Disney, and General Electric, a study on what makes companies successful examines their flexibility, ideology, and strong purpose

Perfect vision in management: starting with the end in mind

Bob Patmore, published by Kogan Page Ltd (1998), 160 pages.

This guide presents Bob Patmore’s formula for success, along with anecdotes from a host of celebrities including football manager Alex Ferguson and gold-medal-winning rower Steve Redgrave.


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