Psychometric Testing

by Claire Walsh and David Hoad

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Psychometric tests are often used as part of the recruitment process.


Executive coaches may use psychometric tests to facilitate self-awareness as part of the coaching relationship.

Mental Toughness

This is an interesting measurement tool that has its own topic in this resource.


There are several books that may be helpful, depending on the level of detail you are looking for. These are two suggestions:

Psychological testing: a manager’s guide

John Toplis, Victor Dulewicz, Clive Fletcher, published by CIPD 2004, 184 pages

This provides information and guidance for people like you, who have a professional interest in the nature and use of tests, but do not need to know every last detail.

Testing people at work

Mike Smith, with Pam Smith, published by BPS Blackwell 2005, 440 pages

A much more detailed work, aimed at students of testing and those who need a much more technically-detailed treatment of the subject.


  • Test publishers

Most of the bigger test publishers have informative web-sites with product sheets and other information on their range of tests. If you still have questions after looking up these resources, ring them up their Customer Service number and ask them – they’re in business to sell tests, so are generally very helpful (whether you’re actually buying or not).

  • Professional bodies

The British Psychological Society (BPS) - see - keeps a register of most of the psychometric tests used in the UK, and summaries of their reviews and information are available to the public. They also publish (on-line and on paper) best practice guidelines, information on practice tests, lists of publishers and much more. Some of this information overlaps with that provided by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) – see - who are the professional body for the Human Resources (HR) practitioners and consultants who may be using or commissioning psychometric testing.


You can also contact the authors directly: Claire Walsh and David Hoad