Work-life Balance

by Barbara Buffton


What is work-life balance? Clearly, what makes one person feel balanced isn’t necessarily what would make another one feel the same. Some of us manage to put in long hours at work and still find time to ‘play’ at home. Some of us don’t. This topic aims to explore just what work-life balance means to each of us and how, as individuals, we can get more of it.

Get a life!

Why even consider doing something about work-life balance?

If our balance is out of kilter, we feel stressed. At the extreme, someone might say to us, ‘Get a life!’ This implies a certain imbalance – someone is either spending too much time at work or too much time on a particular activity. Although most of us are probably somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, this is not a case for complacency, as imbalance, if left unchecked, can lead to unhappiness, non-productivity, illness or even, in extreme cases, death., we know, is both a burden and a need, both a curse and a blessing... remind yourself that there are other ways to define yourself besides work.

Peter F Drucker

It is a good strategy to remind ourselves that there is a life outside work, or interests that take our focus for too long.

This topic covers includes information about

  • The benefits of work-life balance – for both employers and employees
  • How to get more balance in your life and/or in your organisation
  • The large range of flexible working patterns which can contribute not only towards people having more balance in their lives, but also to healthier, more productive organisations.