This model works on the assumption that there are four stages involved in getting organised to effectively carry out business. These are encapsulated in the MOST acronym, namely Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics.

What is it used for?

The MOST tool is primarily used to define the direction and purpose of the organisation. It is also possible to use it to assess company performance and to consider where best to focus resources and how to prioritise. Organisations often find that communication of mission, objectives, strategy and tactics can help to motivate staff toward the common purpose.

How do I use it?

The purpose of this model is to develop an organisation and ensure that everyone is working towards the same end goals. To do this you need to define the mission, objectives, strategies and tactics:

Mission – the direction and purpose of the company

Objectives – the targets that the company has towards meeting its mission

Strategies – the way in which the company intends to achieve its objectives and work towards its mission; these are often longer-term approaches

Tactics – the shorter-term approaches that are taken towards meeting longer-term strategies.

In some companies, leaders and managers work together with their staff in an inclusive approach towards defining mission, objectives, strategies and targets. This can be an extremely motivating approach for staff, who feel as if they have a significant input to how the company is being run.

This model also helps to define and structure what the organisation is doing, and why. All activities, at any level, within the company should all be targeted towards meeting the objectives and fulfilling the organisation’s mission. 

What are its limitations?

While this model is great for defining where the organisation wants to be and how it is going to get there, it is not structured in a way that helps companies to see if they are being realistic with their targets. Objectives that are not realistic are difficult to meet and can have a de-motivating effect on staff trying to achieve them.

Setting goals and targets gives you a greater chance of being successful, but does not guarantee it. Everyone needs to buy into the objectives and strategies that are proposed in order for them to have a chance of working. 

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