by Gwyn Williams and Bruce Milroy

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Hiring a Consultant

You may decide that you need a little external help to support you on your journey to creating a high-performing team. Lots and lots of managers in all types of industry employ external consultants.

Psychometric Testing

Human behaviour is a big aspect of team performance, and it can help enormously to get to know each other in the team through the process of psychometric profiling. There are many different tools on the market that can help you to understand each other’s behaviours and how you might ‘revert to type’ in certain circumstances. This topic is an overview of the options available.



Transactional Analysis


The games people play

Dr Eric Berne MD, published by Ballantine Books, 1988.

A great book, identifying aspects of transactional analysis that have great relevance to the role of a team leader.

Effective teambuilding

John Adair, published by Pan Books, 1987, 224 pages.

Originally published in 1986, this remains a useful book, explaining how to consider a range of different dynamics that go on in group environments.

Facilitation skills for team leaders

Donald Hackett and Charles L Martin, published by Kogan Page, 1994, 80 pages.

A brief and user-friendly ‘action guide’ on how to utilise facilitation skills during team meetings to help involve and engage other team members

The corporate culture survival guide

Edgar H Schein, published by Warren Bennis Books.

One of Amercia’s great psychologists, Schein wrote a series of fascinating books on the psychology of the workplace and career development. This book gives pragmatic advice on how culture is created and how it can be changed.

The seven habits of highly effective people

Stephen R Covey, published by Simon & Schuster, 1999, 384 pages.

One of the world’s biggest selling books on personal change, this can be a very powerful tool for young managers wishing to know more about themselves and how they can be successful.

Fish! A remarkable way to boost morale and improve results

Stephen C Lundin PhD, Harry Paul and John Christensen, published by Coronet Books, 2002, 112 pages

This bestselling book provides some examples on how you can develop team values that create energy and vitality in any workplace. It’s accompanied by a CD including handouts with some versions.


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