Jennifer Stenhouse

About the author

Jennifer is a partner in a UK-based media business focussed on helping businesses improve their online and offline profile, particularly in the areas of social media and video marketing, as well as public speaking and broadcast media.

As a public speaker herself and former on-camera presenter on national and international TV, she understands the issues her clients face. She’s also sought after as an expert in online marketing and communication, and regularly comments in the media.

Jennifer has run training courses and seminars in media and communication internationally for more than 15 years now. She developed the concept of Charismastery, based on conscious communication techniques, and offers her clients coaching in both what to say for maximum effect as well as how to say it, be that on camera, in the board room or on a stage.

Her media training blends pragmatic media know-how with the latest psychological and behavioural skills. She has spent a nearly 40 years in the media and continues to write as well as consult.

Jennifer was born in St Andrews, Scotland, and speaks a number of foreign languages. She loves to travel and is passionate about art in all its forms as well as the environment, wildlife and health.

Media career

Jennifer trained in local papers, before moving onto the nationals in Fleet Street. She’s also worked in national and trade magazines. Her print career took her from general reporter to features writer and sub-editor.

She moved into TV, starting with TV-am, and worked for many national and international news and current affairs companies – among them ITN, Channel 4, NBC, ZDF (German TV) and Sky News – specialising in international affairs, business and politics, both on camera and behind it. She’s been a producer, programme editor, sub-editor and scriptwriter and well as newsreader, presenter and on-screen reporter.

After a spell at the turn of the century with a digital TV and new media start-up as editorial director, with added responsibility for broadcast compliance, Jennifer ran a her own media production company in tandem with her training business.

Training, coaching and consulting

Jennifer offers individual or group coaching in how to create online videos for video marketing and online sales, as well as speaker training and media training. She specialises in teaching strategies to deal with nerves and how to influence and make an impact on your audience. She also consults to businesses on their internal and external communication strategies and helps maximise effectiveness within online and social media marketing strategies.

Some recent clients

The companies Jennifer works for range from multi-nationals to small start-ups and professional organisations. In the non-commercial sector, a diverse range of charities, NGOs and government departments worldwide have benefited from her work. They include the following:

  • Coaches and therapists
  • Online marketers
  • Politicians, lobbyists
  • Business executives
  • Journalists, TV presenters
  • Medical and health care professionals
  • Trainers and presenters
  • Council of Europe’s Democratic Leadership Programme


Jennifer is a contributor to The new millennium tales: baby boomer marketing stories, compiled and edited by Kevin Lavery and published in 2011.

She’s also a contributing author to New makers of modern culture, edited by Justin Wintle (articles on Charles de Gaulle, Kamal Ataturk, Bob Marley and Peter Benenson).


Areas of expertise

  • Video, media and speaker trainer
  • LAB (Language and Behaviour) profile consultant and trainer
  • Leadership dynamics and non-verbal communication
  • Certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner