Discipline and Grievance

by Kate Russell

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Useful summaries of the law illustrated with cases and examples.

How to get top marks in... managing poor work performance

Kate Russell, published by Gibbons Williams Publishing, 2010, 121 pages

A clear, common sense reference book for HR and Line Managers. Many helpful checklists, learning from life’s lessons and practical tips to help in managing poor performance.

How to get top marks in... tackling workplace investigations

Kate Russell, published by Gibbons Williams Publishing, 2011, 131 pages

An easy to use framework for undertaking workplace investigations with tips, checklists and examples for all levels, from novice to expert.

Unfair dismissal

Employment law handbook published by Incomes Data Services, 2010, 805 pages

This fully revised and updated handbook provides a clear and accurate statement of the law on unfair dismissal, including:

  • the legal definition of ‘dismissal’ and exclusions from the right to claim
  • the potentially fair reasons for dismissal
  • the issue of unfairness in the statutory definition
  • the grounds for automatically unfair dismissals and applicable special rules
  • the remedies available in unfair dismissal cases
  • the right of employees to receive a written statement of the reasons for dismissal


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