Sharon Varney

About the author

Sharon Varney is a consultant and researcher with several years’ senior management experience in organisational development and learning in large, global organisations.  Her expertise has been gained at the sharp end across a number of industry sectors: oil and gas; banking and finance; manufacturing and travel. 

Sharon has recently set up her own organisational consulting practice, Space for Learning, offering expertise in organisational learning, leadership development, organisational development and internal communications. 

With a pragmatic approach and a sound track record, Sharon assists companies in ensuring that their development and learning strategies and practices are serving them well to support organisational and individual goals.  This means that she is often working at the boundaries between individual and organisational development.  Which is where, in Sharon’s opinion, the possibility for learning really opens up.



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Research Reports

Varney, Sharon (2007), Learning in complex organisations: uncovering the secrets of successful practice, Roffey Park Institute, Horsham, West Sussex

Sinclair, Robertson-Smith, McCartney and Varney (2008), Managing teams across cultures – how to manage across borders, time zones and cultures, Roffey Park Institute, Horsham, West Sussex


Areas of expertise

  • Strategic learning
  • Leadership development
  • Talent development
  • Organisational development
  • Internal communications
  • Research