by Ian Saunders, Antony Aitken, Ray Charlton and David Flatman

Change – the starting point

Clearly the questions to start with as far as any change is concerned are ‘why is it necessary?’ and ‘what is the outcome we want to achieve?’ The answers will help to identify the purpose for the change, because without a purpose, you have no need to embark on change.


The first piece of practical advice is to avoid using the word ‘change’. Talk in actual outcome terms.

For example, if you want to change ‘how a team works together’ talk about the behaviours that you want, the results you want people to focus on and so on. It is much easier to be positive, clear and involving if you talk about the actual outcomes that you want to achieve.

What outcomes do you want? Get into the habit of doing this from the very beginning.

Management that wants to change an institution must first show it loves that institution.

John Tusa

When doing the initial diagnosis, it is especially important to consider your organisation’s culture – the big picture in which this change sits.

What are the change drivers?

Context and culture – the environment