Transactional Analysis

by Len Horridge

What is your preferred ego state?

Before we explain these ego states, do the following execise to indicate which state you have a preference for.


This is a simple tool to give you an indication of your preferred ego state.

Questionnaires are tricky things. We normally know why we are completing a questionnaire and therefore look for the ‘right’ answer, in other words, the one that will give us the best score and make us the best boss, best mate, best partner and so on.

Don’t be tempted to analyse each question; just read it and answer as honestly as you can. There are no correct answers here, and the more honestly you answer, the better. It is not a highly scientific test (there are not enough questions), so treat it as an indicator only and, let’s face it, just a bit of fun!

Like all questionnaires, you need to do this quickly, openly and not trying to find the right answer!


The three states

Before you jump to any conclusions about the results of the questionnaire, look at the descriptions and the relevance of each state.

In Berne’s theory, we all have three ego states – Parent, Adult, and Child – and each one has a potential role for our well-being.

None are all good or all bad; what we need is an understanding of the state we tend to assume in any given transaction. Once we understand which role we adopt and what its effect is, we can either keep to it or change it to ensure that we get the best result from the situation.