Roisin Murray

About the author

I loved learning (so much so that I could read the basics) before I went to school. Formal education sapped my interest until I was kicked out of High School at fifteen. I rediscovered learning, aged 28 – after which there was no stopping me (despite the formal systems). I attended university full time, and once at work continually engaged in some form of professional qualification. Some training was highly engaging. Other bits were dire. Studying personal and organisational development in depth felt like coming home. At last I knew why I still retained learning from an ancient three-week training course on a boring topic (we had a great laugh whilst we learned). I realised why some changes in my work and life had lasted, yet others never really got off the ground.

At this point I was working as a management consultant and developer in the UK, Eastern Europe, Nepal and Africa, but after achieving my Master’s Degree in Personal and Organisational Development I set up my own company, offering development based on this best practice. I was then a director of Arts Of Change Ltd, offering personal development and business consultancy to the private, public, voluntary and education sectors. I am now also a Senior Lecturer in Strategy, Leadership and Organisational Development at Derby University Business School, with special responsibility in business coaching.

I have a particular interest in how the Arts can help individuals learn, and groups to communicate more authentically and honestly – leading to better and more lasting changes for everyone. My core values are respect for the differences in others; the potential of being serious whilst having fun and that living life to the full is the best way to be.

I am currently working primarily with spoken narrative and story in education, community development and performance integrating my previous experience with new approaches to promoting learning and communications in a wide variety of settings.

Some recent clients

Organisations I have worked with include:

  • LA Fitness
  • Costa Coffee
  • SDL International
  • NSS Inc
  • Cabinet Office
  • HM Treasury
  • Food Standards Agency
  • A number of Local Authorities
  • Diocese of Derby
  • Peace Hospice


Areas of expertise

  • Strategy & leadership
  • Business Coaching
  • People Management and HR
  • Team-working and Personal Effectiveness
  • Storytelling in Organisations – myth and mask
  • Customer Relations
  • Quality