Customer Relations

by Roisin Murray & Wallace Murray

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As with most aspects of business life, customer relations are part of a wider context. Many of the topics will therefore be useful, but in particular you could look at any of the topics related to communication, and the following.





Managing the customer experience – turning customers into advocates

Joe Wheeler and Shaun Smith, published by Financial Times Prentice Hall in 2002, 288 pages

The authors offer many practical tools, examples and advice with a good mix of US and UK companies, including companies like Richer Sounds, First Direct, Carphone Warehouse, Harley Davidson and Pret a Manger. Useful ‘toolkit’ in appendix.

Harvard Business Review on customer relationship management

Various, published by Harvard Business School Press in 2002, 208 pages

This collection of articles was originally published by the Harvard Business School Review. For me, it goes without saying that this is good stuff, written by leaders in the field. Like others in the series, it offers direct, convenient, and inexpensive material on the subject. Each title in the series is listed at:

The loyalty effect: the hidden force behind growth, profits and lasting value

Frederick Reichheld, published by Harvard Business School Press in 2001, 352 pages

The author argues that even a small improvement in customer retention may double your profits, because of the cost of attracting new customers. He uses economic data to illustrate how customer loyalty is essential for long-term productivity, healthy profits, and corporate growth.

The buzz: 50 little things that make a big difference to serve your customers

David Freemantle, published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing in 2004, 126 pages

This book contains 50 tips and techniques to create enthusiasm for top-class customer service. It gives food for thought on the little things you do every day in relation to customers (external and internal). It offers simple, helpful advice on forming strong bonds with your clients at a transaction level.


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