Change Design

by David King

Why-what-how hierarchy

A really great technique for sorting out the priorities or relationships between the different viewpoints captured is a ‘why-what-how’ diagram. For each primary viewpoint – in other words, what you want the business or organisation to do – you should identify one or more reasons why you want to do it. Additionally, for each viewpoint, you should be able to identify possible ways that this might be achieved – in other words, how.

Use the ‘why-what-how’ technique to confirm your understanding of ‘level’ and significance of each selected viewpoint.


... of a why-what-how hierarchy:

‘Be more profitable/efficient’ (= WHY)

‘Expand the scope of products and services’ (= WHAT or VIEWPONT)

‘Develop new business partnerships’ (= HOW)

The most useful viewpoints can now be developed further as the basis for creating a new vision for your organisation or business area.