Process Improvement

by Rus Slater

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When using the people who make the process work to help you to map and plan improvements, you want to be sure that you are getting their input without influencing that input unduly. Facilitation will

  • Help them say what they need to say not what they think you want to hear
  • Put less strain on you to elicit the answers!

Internal Communications

You need to keep all the relevant stakeholders in the loop; this topic will help you to do this.

Project Management

When you have a series of processes to improve or your process improvement action is going to take a while and involve lots of different folk, you may be well advised to approach it as a ‘project’, in a structured and controlled style; this topic will help.


Process improvement is about changing the way people work. You need to get this right; so have a look at this topic and you have a better chance of getting it right first time!


Business process improvement toolbox

Bjorn Andersen, published by McGraw-Hill Education, July 1999, 233 pages

What sets this book apart from others that explain individual improvement tools is the sequential organisation and the integrated explanation for applying the tools. The book starts by explaining the overall process improvement framework; it then presents the tools in sequence for this framework, and concludes with one overarching case, demonstrating the use of all the tools in a concerted effort.

Business process improvement: the breakthrough strategy for total quality, productivity and competitiveness

H James Harrington, published by McGraw-Hill Professional, April 1991, 274 pages

This comprehensive volume provides all the information you need to make the transition toward improving quality and productivity while reducing cycle time and cost. This step-by-step guide shows you how to implement an improvement process by modifying simple techniques that the manufacturing sector has been using for years, as well as new ones developed just for the service industry.


There is an archive of a Special Interest Group on the Chartered Quality Institute website which explores the Deming approach – the implementation of an alternative management style as introduced by the late Dr W Edwards Deming, the renowned contributor to both management and the quality improvement revolution worldwide. Change and quality go hand in hand and there is lots of good material on this site.


You can also contact the author directly: Rus Slater