Intuition in Business

by Angela O’Connell and Pat Naylor

Luck and intuition

We do not always trust our intuition and some people believe it is fickle and a bit like luck – you either have it or you do not. Research suggests that this is not so; for best results in life, we should develop our luck along with intuition.

Dr Richard Wiseman, author of The Luck Factor, has conducted extensive scientific research into the ways lucky and unlucky people behave. His research findings identify four essential principles to being lucky, the chief of these being that lucky people make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings. They also take steps to boost their intuition.

Dr Wiseman believes that luck is something that can be learned and we believe that intuition can also be learned. The other behaviours of lucky people are:

  • Lucky people create, notice and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.
  • Lucky people’s expectations about the future help them fulfil their dreams and ambitions.
  • Lucky people are able to transform their bad luck into good fortune.

These behaviours also apply to intuition, because if you begin to notice and act on your intuition you will become more intuitive. If you draw on your intuition when thinking about your future and what you want to do, you will be able to tap into a rich source of inspiration.

Finally, if you would like to improve your decision-making, using your intuition will improve your chances of making better and more successful decisions.