by Arielle Essex

Profound levels of rapport – values

Matching different aspects of another person’s experience will produce different levels of rapport. Simply matching a person’s body posture, gestures and facial expressions will quickly put them at ease and pave the way for deeper levels of rapport. Matching an activity, doing sports, working together, talking or singing in unison, all achieve a deeper level of rapport and create a good basis for companionship, particularly when capabilities are evenly matched.

The more profound levels of rapport occur when you match someone’s values and beliefs. When you tune into what is most important for someone, what they cherish and hold dear, you touch their heart. Because it arouses their passion, this can be highly motivating. Knowing what is most important for someone gives you clues about their inner identity. You touch their soul. Your closest friends and loved ones will share similar values to your own.

Different cultures share different values and beliefs, but there are many that are common to all mankind. By tapping into the source of what people are most passionate about, a charismatic leader can harness those driving forces. There is nothing more powerful for moving people into action.