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Paul Matthews

About the author

Paul Matthews has succeeded in roles at Director level in a wide variety of markets and in companies from small start-up operations to multi-nationals. His company experience includes posts as Director of Sales and then Director of Customer Services for a multi-national IT company. In these roles he turned around the relationships with major customers to develop true partnerships. This was largely as a result of his abilities to enhance communications within the customer/supplier relationship, and get a ‘right first time’ culture fostered within his own organisation.

As a consultant, Paul has typically worked with high achieving executives to enable them to get clear about what they really want, and then to get it. He is a Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP, and uses these accelerated change technologies to enable his clients to quickly clear the things that are stopping them from performing to their true potential. This ability to help clients get change fast makes him an ideal coach for busy senior executives. Paul is well placed to understand and know how to deal with the issues they face.

While working with managers at all levels, it became evident that although there was an abundance of learning products available to executives of all grades, there was nothing expressly designed to give today’s managers the one aid they really needed: an easily accessible source of authoritative and practical help with the problems they face on a day-to-day basis.

This triggered the development of this resource for Managers which has taken several years and a team of over 100 authors, editors, designers and software engineers.

Some clients

  • Roche Products Ltd
  • General Motors
  • Philips
  • Premier Choice Group
  • Open University
  • Barclays Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Credit Suisse First Boston Bank
  • West Midlands Police
  • Philips Semiconductor


  • Informal Learning at Work: How to boost performance in tough times
    There is a steadily growing awareness that informal learning plays a major role in organisational capability and employee competence. People are waking up to just how pervasive informal learning really is, and how important it is in the workplace. It is the real powerhouse of learning in any organisation.
    This book is for anybody involved with workplace learning, enhancing capability and improving performance. It shows you how to build informal learning into an organisational learning strategy, using practical advice from workplace learning experts and examples and case studies from around the world.

  • Capability at Work: How to solve the performance puzzle
    In his latest book, People Alchemy founder and managing director, Paul Matthews, explains the importance of capability to organisational performance and why L&D and HR, and in fact every department must make the capability of people and the organisation a priority if they want their company (and their jobs) to survive in the current and future economy.
    Paul shows why focusing on performance and results rather than learning or training is key to business survival and why it’s a mistake for L&D, HR and Training to continue to focus on creating content, and then delivering it, either in the training room or online.


Areas of expertise

  • Informal learning
  • Capability and performance
  • L&D strategy and operations
  • Public speaking
  • Personal development