Psychological Contracts

by Bob MacKenzie

Your own psychological contract

It’s vital not to lose sight of the state of your own psychological contract in your preoccupation with monitoring those of other people. If you complete the following checklist, you can make this more visible to yourself and also to other key stakeholders, if you choose to share the results with them.

Your name: Date:
Your brief notes
  1. Whose psychological contracts are you currently dealing with? (Your own and your staff’s)
  1. To which of the above ‘generations’ do you feel that you belong? (X, Y, Net or other)
  1. What is the current stage of your career?
  1. What are your own expectations regarding work/life balance?
  1. How realistic are each of your expectations in No.4?
  1. Which of your expectations are currently being fulfilled?
  1. Could anything be done to improve your own performance and motivation by seeking to renegotiate your psychological contract with your boss, colleagues or team?
  1. What specific ‘clauses’ would you seek to include or remove from your existing psychological contract?
  1. What is your SMART action plan to address these points?