Managing Your Career

by Barbara Buffton


Why bother to manage your career?

Why bother to help employees to manage their career?

Well, we could all sit back and hope that our career progression just happens in spite of us. That’s nice and easy, requiring no effort on our part. The trouble with that way of thinking is that it just might result in nothing happening at all!

  • Do you want to be sure of doing and being all that you can?
  • Do you want to motivate your staff and develop their potential?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, this topic will give you some ideas for doing so. You can find out what it means to manage your career and how you can actually do that and/or help others to do so.

Some people might already know what they want and so will be more interested in the page on Getting there, others will want to find out what their options are – and might actually need to think about where they are now before moving anywhere.

All us who have any kind of goal need to keep up our motivation in order to achieve that goals. Staying motivated gives you some hints and tips on how to keep that goal alive.


Don’t read on if you want personally – or if you want your staff – to stay dissatisfied, stuck, confused or bored. You might just start some changes which could improve your life – and you wouldn’t want that, now would you?