Redundancy Survivors

by Rus Slater


It is usually thought that once the people being made redundant have left the building, the business of a downsizing is over.

In reality, the business of making the downsizing effective is actually just beginning: you have created a new team, while damaging your relationship with them, and you have re-organised your work patterns, allocations and flow, though you now have fewer people to do the work.

This topic looks at the historical effects of downsizing and sets out some recommendations for moving forward in a positive and planned way in order to make the downsizing a successful organisational move.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) calculates (January 2009) that the immediate cost of redundancy is up to £16,375 per employee laid off, even before follow-on costs, such as future higher staff turnover and a fall in staff productivity, are added in.