Change - Strategic Facilitation

by Tony Mann

Summarise, Propose, Output (SPO)

This process technique is used to make new proposals and to indicate what needs to be done and to help the organisation move forward. It should be used when the organisation needs to look at new ways of working or operating and these need to be explained coherently.

How to apply

  1. Summarise the current situation or what is happening.

‘The organisation is facing fierce competition from overseas and our market share is being threatened by cheap imports. We will have to produce our range at a lower cost or move into higher value range.’

  1. Propose a way forward, a strategic intent or capability response, which will form a key part of the change agenda.

‘We propose to extend research into the XPB45 and sell into the renewable energy market where there is a premium for new technology.’

  1. Outcome – give an idea of the intended outcome/output.

The SMT see that this will secure our future in an environment where carbon reduction is a key aim of all sectors of the economy.’

‘Green’ SPOs

Note that SPO can also be used in ‘green’ areas as well, so the change agent, for example, uses it when they want to make a process proposal. They will do this in order to smooth the process of change.