Training - How to Make it Pay

by Stephen Newton

Training - How to Make it Pay

Training is not simply a necessary evil. Not only does it ensure that your staff can do their current job efficiently, it can also act as a highly effective tool to maximise both employee engagement (willingness to ‘go the extra mile’) and employee retention (in other words, it can lower staff turnover).

Staff turnover can be a huge direct cost to the business, not only in terms of recruitment fees, but also with regard to the expense of training new people to a basic level of skill. The cost of taking on a new employee is reckoned to be about a third of their first year’s salary...

On the other hand, training comes at a cost, especially if it fails to deliver what you hoped for. This topic will help you to get the best out of training, for the company, for you as a manager, for the individual trainee, and for your team.


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