Interviewing - Getting That Job

by Jane Tredgett

Interviewing - Getting That Job

Many years ago, I was a field-based trainer in a large organisation. A Head Office training job came up. Several people in the department indicated that the job ‘had my name on it’ and that I was ‘tipped as the favourite’. Consequently, I submitted my application and sat back...

A friend of mine, however, decided to apply for the job as well. Knowing she was the underdog, she spent considerably more time than I on her application, prepared diligently for the interview, planned answers to all likely questions... and got the job!

We remained friends – I could not but admire and respect her for her approach, while berating myself for not preparing enough. It was a valuable lesson!

Interviews are important and taking on new jobs can open up new, fruitful pathways. It is essential we present ourselves well at interviews. Doing so gives us more choices – we can select what jobs we want and what routes we take in life.

This topic aims to give you the confidence to present yourself effectively at interviews and increase your chances of getting the position you want.


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